Cancer hospital in Balochistan


Iqra Muhammad Jan
Balochistan, being the largest and richest province of Pakistan does not have a single Cancer Hospital. The Population of Balochistan is nearly 22 lacs and sadly, 20 per cent of the population suffer from cancer. The death ratio of cancer patients in Balochistan is 3-4 hundred yearly. Recently a cancer victimized patient passed away before this happy ocassion of Eid. How painful it is for the members of their family who are losing their beloved ones due to no treatment and cancer hospital in Balochistan. If we have a glance on the other provinces, we can see a high number of cancer hospitals though Balochistan has the highest mortality rate of cancer patients when compared to other provinces. Why Balochistan is being ignored for each and everything is a mind disturbing question to the residents of Balochistan. There is a great number of cancer patients in Balochistan. We appeal to the C.M of and the government of Balochistan to construct a Cancer Hospital in Balochistan in order to save many innocent lives.