Secrets of being a successful student


Waseem Ahmed
Every student wants that he should be liked and be the best student of his class and school. But, being everyone’s favorite is not peace of cake. It needs much hard work, honesty and devotion. We are born in such a society where everyone wants things to be settled themselves. Nothing can settle down itself unless we work on that. It is well said, “Allah helps those who help themselves.” If we want things to be what we want them then for that we need to struggle; only then we can achieve what we want. There are several ways to be a perfect student, some of which will be discussed below. Concentration: it is one of the most important remedies for being an excellent student of the class. The student who lacks concentration and does not concentrate on the lectures of teacher can never be able and successful. Most of the students who are able in their class so the first reason for their perfection is concentration. Most of the students present in the class give no importance to what teacher is teaching and telling. When they sit in exams so they will write what they have crammed. They will not be able to write creatively. Creativity comes when you listen creative ones_ the teachers. What is written in books and what teachers teach is completely different. Teachers explain more than the books and they also share their own experiences with us which is really helpful for us. When we listen them carefully then we can be able to share the same knowledge with someone else. Moreover, a teacher of mine said, “Always be attentive in the class. Each word of your teacher is of immense importance.” He shared his little experience with us that once when he was attempting an entry test of a medical college; There were some general questions which he did not learn from books. He listened those from the teacher and his attention helped him a lot in the test. Not only this, a student should also concentrate on every subject and teacher as well. It is undeniable fact that Mathematics is considered a boring and tough subject but nothing is like that. Mathematics needs concentration and we fail to concentrate. Due to which we think maths subjects is the toughest. Concentration plays an indispensable role in making a student good enough to cope with the rest of the students of the class. Consistency: consistency is an other factor which can help us to be a good student. Consistency not only helps us in education but also in other walks of life. If we are Consistent and honest with our job; we can achieve more than we deserve. For a student, it is binding to be consistent. Because, if a student attends his class without any excuse then he will be able to cover his course and gain his assignments in a better way and better than others who are not consistent. It is mandatory for a student to be consistent on his goals if he wants to achieve that. Experiences have shown this that the consistents always won the battle; be it, in education or war. Consistency is the second name of perfection. Consistency brushes you and takes the rust out of you. We need to learn to be consistent. Time management: A student should always be able to manage his time and do things on the time. Most of the students procrastinate which is one of the obstacles in their way to success. They think things will get better sooner but things get worse. They wait for miracles to happen next and leave things for the next and keep on doing this. This mistake of theirs leads them to failure. Moreover, students also fail to manage whens and whats. Whenever they get more assignments and burden, they become disturb what to do first. They need to overcome this lacuna. Practice: Everyone is familiar with the quote,” Practice makes man perfect.” This quote to me is hundred percent proved and right. We can also call it a law. A student must practice what he learns. This will help him be the best and obtain the best marks. Practice brings improvement and improvement is what makes a student better and successful. We need to be in practice of things we learn, otherwise we might forget things taught by teachers. Commitment and believe: All a student needs is to be committed. A committed student can never fail. Commitment is such a power which bounds one to work. Secondly, we should also have belief in ourselves. If we want to do something, we need to commit that we will do this by any means possible and we must believe in ourselves that we can do this. These were some of the modes and procedures after doing which a student can achieve his goal of being good enough to succeed. Not only students anyone can follow these and succeed in his life. Moreover, the obove mentioned steps are proved and experienced. Let’s now follow these and reach our destination.

(-The writer is a student at The Hub English Language Academy, Hub.)