Surveys state victory of PPP in AJK: Saud Sadiq


Hajeera,    (Parliament Times) : Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocae PPP nominated candidate Halqa 19 pooch 2, has said that PPP workers and the people of the constituency have ensured victory on July 25 with their dedication and struggle. This he stated while addressing the people at Hajira Trar Khal’s constituency belongs to Bhutto’s followers.
He said according to our survey PPP will form the Government in AJK. He said PML-N and PTI are repeatedly returning empty-handed with their central leadership.
Sardar Saud Sadiq said that people have decided that in the last five years, both my political rivals have been exploiting the people through contractors. Today the people will have to give an account, he added. Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate said that PPP has full confidence in Allah and the people of the constituency. He said that the bubble of PML-N and PTI has burst.
Sardar Saud Sadiq said that the people and party workers of my constituency have run their election campaign with dedication and lolve. In which he kept on giving the message of love and tolerance to the perpetrators, he added. He said “My opponents continued to use black pipes, bogus schemes and wealth in the election campaign,” he said. The PPP has been informing the people about the thoughts, ideas and ideology of PPP through pragmatic approach.
Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate said that politics is “Ebadat” but PML-N and PTI made it a business. Sardar Saud Sadiq said that the people of the constituency have decided that no more money, scheme, fake office order will run the pipeline. Only arrows (TEER) will fly. Sardar Sadiq Saud Sadiq said that former Speaker Assembly Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan continued to do politics on the basis of principles and considered it his duty to respect others. Sardar Saud Sadiq appealed to the workers and the people of the constituency not to be careless in the use of the vote and to go to the polling station in the evening after getting the results.
Sardar Saud Sadiq said that the opponents use illegal means but PPP will, insha-Allah, win the election on the golden principles of its leaders and the 41-year struggle of former Speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan to build and develop the constituency. Those who have joined the party have said in their message to the people that the PML-N and PTI will have to go to UK empty handed on July25. This constituency belongs to PPP Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan and Saud Sadiq Advocate. The speakers said that they will use
every tactic and the people will show their love for their leaders by stamping on the Arrow.