Gulzaar Welfare Society


Sadiq Humraaz
Gulzar welfare society is an organization in Turbat. Its motto is to help needy people, various kindsof work have been done by this organization. Whether storms, floods, incidents orfamineoccured in regions of Turbat City, we could see the presence of Gulzaar Welfare Society for the help and support.Hats-up to all the members of Gulzar Welfare Society and especially the founder of it Mr. Sayed Jan Gulzar. Such devoted people need to be encourged as being a non-governmental organizationthey have done a lot for the poor people. This Eid season everybody was busy buying shoes and clothes for themselves and for their children but nobody thought of the poor children that how they feel when they see the other children wearning new clothes and shoes, surely it could be a heart-wrenching moment but hats off to Gulzaar welfare society that provided 182 pair of shoes and 160 pair of clothes to poor children and distributed grocery items to 412 families and distributed meatto many needy homes and they managed transportation themselves and took the distributed meat and grocery items home to home for the poor families, how much blessing they must have gotten from the deepest corner of poor people’s hearts when they did not let the poor children realize that their parents could not afford new shoes and clothes on this lovely occasion of Eid. Lastly I love to send my affections and appreciations for this organization through this letter that dear volunteers of Gulzar welfare society, you people have won many hearts and served humanity very well, may Allah the Almighty bless you all with happiness and Joy and give you strength to continue your job for the sake of humanity. The government is also requested to pass some funds to such organizations so that they can help more and more poor families.