Makran, in dark


Jahangir Jameel
Makran division in Balochistan is in dark. The electricity, being provided to Makran from Iran is lost since days. It is expected that it may last so almost for a month.According to a report of Vsh News, due to scarcity, Iran has stopped providing Electricity to Makran and Afghanistan as well.Iran is only providing 10 Mega Watts to Makran which was prior 100. These 10 Mega Watts are being provided to Turbat and other cities shift wise. People in Turbat are only getting electricity at night. And just for 2 hours at day.Secondly, Turbat is one of the hottest cities of the world. It is unbearable for people to live the days without electricity.Probably, electricity is a need like food in our lives in the present world.People, businesses and institutions are suffering a lot owing to unavailability of electricity.The sincerity of government is seen here that yet, there isn’t any response by the side of it.Undoubtedly, you, ministers, will sleep in an Air-conditioning room but what about the people who can’t afford other sources of electricity like solar.You hold the offices of government so it is obligatory on you to obey your duties.Federal and Provincial government must pay a very good attention to it and tackle the issue so that Makran comes to light once again.To have deep look to the issue, till when will the government buy electricity from Iran and provide to Makran. Iran is an independent state. Nobody knows when can the relations tend towards diversity. And what if Iran decides to stop providing Electricity to Makran. Such serious hurdles can emerge at any time. Is there any alternate for us to go for? We have no other way. Government must heed for such predictable circumstances. If Gas from Sui, a city of Balochistan, can go to Punjab, why can’t the electricity from Punjab can come to Makran. This is not the first time that Makran is suffering from electricity crisis but the same situations are seen here before. So, a better solution is to get an alternate ready for Makran from either K-electric which is near to Makran region wise or from Punjab.