Supporters can gift victory on 25 July: Kamran Gorsi



Hajira, (Special Representative): Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi visits Hajira Town Panakha Muhalla and various polling stations of UC Serari, with assurance of full cooperation from the people in the elections. Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi while addressing a public gathering at Hajira Town, Kotirian, Paniali Serari said that I thank God Almighty that wherever I go in the circle, I get the love of the people. My strength is the people of the circle and I will never let the fans of Bashir Gorsi be disappointed who has contributed to the fulfillment of the mission. With the hard work of friends and supporters, we will achieve a new era on July 25 and start a new era of service and construction and development of the people of the constituency. Kamran Bashir Gorsi said that my mission is to upgrade the institutions, provide road facilities in the most difficult areas. We will complete the mission with the cooperation of the people.