Skyrocketing Price


Shah Jan
Inflation is limitedly favourable for the growth of a country. As per IMF, a country grows economically when it maintains 4 percent of Inflation; however, the Inflation in Pakistan is currently 11 percent which is pushing already dying ones to the death in starvation. The needy ones are not only jolted by Covid-19 pandemic, but also the festival of Eid al Adha and most importantly skyrocketing prices of commodities. Additionally, this group does not see any healing relaxation and subsidy from the ruling government. Even their wounds are added salt by not checking the fixed prices ;owing to which, the vendors are availing this opportunity in the season of the festival day by selling the products on their own accord. Controlling and monitoring the factors of economy and providing the basic needs of life bear productive citizens who take the country towards development since a country without fruitful residents gets zero growth accounting to HCI (Human Capital Index).