The misbehaving and incompetent MS of TH Arija be taken to task

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Nazeer Ahmed Arijo
I would like to draw the kind attention of the higher authorities of health department concerned towards the misbehaving and incompetent Medical Superintendent of Taluka Hospital at Khair Muhammad Arija . A nutshell narration of the ordeal I faced on July 13. I took my dear father and my three years old child to the hospital, the former for receiving second dose of COVID vaccine,and the latter for the check -up following him suffering from flu,fever and loss of appetite .The hospital staff entrusted with the responsibility of registering OPD patients refused making the slip citing official order of not allowing patients to be checked up at the facility whose attendees, or accompanying parents and guardians are not vaccinated. This prompted me contacting the doctor on duty ,who politely excused explaining the same reasons .When i informed the doctor about my scheduled vaccination,then he advised me approching the MS in order to redress the issue being highlighted. I did as was told to do .After having showed the schedule of my vaccine, which is July 30 At AKUH, I requested the MS to pass order for the check ‘up of the child. To my utter dismay, despite having seen the slated date of vaccination, the official concerned said ,”get yourself vaccinated now ,or your child goes unattended.I protested over it saying how can a child with his grandfather vaccinated ,and father scheduled to receive the first doze be denied an access to medical care? The logic offered irritated the official in question the reason being simple that such logical arguments always anger the heads of various institutions because of their transformation into masters – the rotten system presided over by politically motivated placement of officers /officials concerned.In response to the logic offered by the writer,addressing one of the hospital employees, the MS ordered him asking the doctor on duty to check the Child without making entry into the register necessitated to avoid the headache -a vield reference to me. . His beaurocratic behaviour cut me to the quick .As a result, after having sensed his senselessness ,i conveyed my concern in no uncertain terms that he was not supposed to behave like that.Also he was reminded of transgression while subjecting a lawful citizen to authoritative tone. If an educated person like me was subjected to brazen behaviour? Then want about those simple citizens coming to the hospital ? Instead of educating the citizens about the importance of immunological cover , they are being misbehaved. How can a public servant taking a salary and perks and privileges from the taxpayer’s money be allowed to be arrogant to the citizens? Imagine the scale of incopemptence ,and violation of SOPs under the nose of the MS. .The majority of the staff in the hospital was seen without wearing masks including those working in the vaccination room.Not only this ,neither the vaccinator was wearing handgloves nor was putting a mask . After admisnistering vaccine, neither the receiver was provided with the sunny plast nor cotton beads usualy given in order to glue and place on the vaccinated area so that supposed small of amount of blood droplets from the injected area could be contained . .This resulted in sprouting of some blood drops straining the kamees of the vaccinated-my fahher Complaints of misbehaviour and administrative incompetence involving those at the helm of countless institutions are routinely reported and highlighted in national newspapers.But such complaints fall on the deaf ears because of corrupt practices like the cronyism and favouritism and the give -and -the take ultimately embolding the trangressor and the incompetent lot.Will this meet the same fate ? Or the competent authorities concerned will turn the corner by holding the misbehaving and incompentent in question ccountable for his unprofessional and unprecedented behaviour and unhealthy environment prevailing in the hospital. His unprofessionalism and colonial thinking calls for urgent institutional action and accountability.

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