Maryam lashes out Tanveer Ilyas’s growing popularity


Forward Kahutta: (Bureau Report):  Sardar Tanveer Ilyas also rode in Forward Kahuta after Bagh on the nerves of PML-N Vice President Mariam Nawaz Sharif, League leaders accused Tanveer Ilyas of bribing a government official.
Maryam Nawaz said that the mentioned officer has been removed from his job but the one who paid the bribe is present on the stage with the Prime Minister Imran Khan. PM Imran Khan tell how much Kashmiris have bought votes? She said that no one knew Tanveer Ilyas Khan until a year ago, Tanveer Ilyas Khan had sent a message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that he should be given a party ticket in the Senate. The PML-N leader said that it has been decided that Azad Kashmir will be made a province and therefore a puppet Prime Minister will be brought by stealing the Azad Kashmir elections.
PML-N Vice President Mariam Nawaz has said that she has come to warn Kashmiris. It has been decided to bring a puppet Prime Minister by rigging the elections. Only Nawaz Sharif will fight the case of Kashmiris. Addressing a meeting in Forward Kahuta, Mariam Nawaz called on Prime Minister Imran. She also lashed out at Khan, calling him a fake lawyer of Kashmir, addressing him and saying that your successful foreign policy is that China has stopped working on Nasi Pak.
To be featured in the manifesto news
1. In order to bring the ongoing movement in Occupied Kashmir to its logical conclusion, the decision will be taken by the will of the people of Kashmir.
2. Local body elections will be held immediately. No percentage quota has been fixed for the youth
3. Student union elections will be held
4. New industrial zones will be established.
5. Establishment of Kashmiri folk heritage.