Extortion in Balochistan


Rasheed Ahmed Langue
Extortion — especially in the Wadh Market of district Khuzdar has been growing day after day. The shopkeepers have been insisted by criminal gangs to give extortion. They have also been threatened that if anybody contemplates refusing their demands, will be abducted or massacred. As a consequence of forcing and threatening, they have made the shopkeepers give cash every month. Further, the traders have acknowledged that paying extortion money is part of doing business in Wadh. However, despite grabbing money from the businessmen, they abduct or assassinate the people to increase fear in the district. In the same way in this year, a Hindu trader Ashok Kumar, who was a businessman and shopkeeper, was massacred in front of the public reportedly for refusing to pay extortionate money. Apart from this, many traders can’t afford to fulfill their demands at the moment, so they kidnap those who have not paid. Along with, they insist their families give a great amount of money. Though the families accomplish their demands to give money as a result, they return the dead bodies to their homes. Particularly, the Hindu traders have been victims of this in extreme. So for that, a year before they had decided to leave Wadh, but were insisted by politicians of the region to stay, being made so many promises of safety. But unfortunately, the promises have yet to be fulfilled . Furthermore, the police and other authorities of government are fully failed to control it and to bring a piece there. So therefore the Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Baluchistan are requested to glance at the conditions over there and take immediate action against authorities to plant a healthy environment for the citizens