Dirty water miserables living things life




From Ghazi Ahmad

Shangla:  Ghorband and Kana Valley river are turning into piles of dirt and filth with each passing day, due to the negligence of the responsible authorities and the alleged negligence of the people, the invaluable and precious gift of nature The lives of aquatic life are in danger due to the inattention of the concerned authorities.The beautiful and charming valley of Shangla, the river that enhances the beauty of Ghorband and Kana, which was once considered a major source of clean and clear water, has unfortunately turned into a pile of dirt and filth today. And sewrage pipelines have also been diverted to the river, the number of which is constantly increasing with each passing day, endangering the lives of aquatic life due to the criminal negligence and carelessness of the district administration and responsible officials. Yes, citizens and shopkeepers without hesitation throw all the garbage in the river while in this dirty water they also bathe and perform ablutions and sometimes they are forced to drink. Birds and animals also drink water from the same river which is a moment of concern for the citizens of the esteemed society, while on the other hand public and social circles have expressed their deep frustration and uneasiness over the deplorable condition of Kana and Ghorband Khward. That due to the silence of the administration and lack of seriousness of the citizens, the priceless gift of nature has turned into a dustbin, birds and human beings are forced to drink and use unhealthy water, even dead animals are being deliberately thrown into the river. Despite being a legal and moral crime, no one considers it a crime, there is a need to appreciate the great blessing like clean water given by nature and the role of every first class in performing their duties as Muslims and responsible citizens.And to save the clean from further filth and dirt, so that future generations do not lose these blessings bestowed by nature, the administration and the responsible authorities are also the elements who are turning clean water into garbage under a well thought out plan. Take full legal action against them, and ensure adherence to the golden rule of law and Islam by devising a systematic and comprehensive strategy, otherwise history and future generations will never forgive us, and we will have to answer to Allah.