Traffic in Hub City Despite Bypass

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Rasheed Ahmed Langove
Newly constructed Bypass road; connecting Balochistan to Sindh throughout Hub city, is an appreciable move of the provincial government. Further, The road aims to make the movement easy for transportation and, above all, for long vehicles which have been majorly the responsible for the recorded accidents in the city. Along with, thousands of heavy vehicles would get the best facilities. But neither of the drivers prefers to use the bypass to avoid heavy traffic within the city. The bypass seems to be of no use anymore since it has been established.Particularly, despite the Bypass Road, the drivers of heavy vehicles prefer coming from the city road rather than moving from there. Due to the entrance of heavy vehicles in the city, citizens face a lot of difficulties. They deal with huge traffic that wastes too much time. As a consequence of traffic congestion, many residents arrive late in the workplaces, meetings, and somewhere where they have to reach in time. Apart from this, most of the students get late for their classes, and many serious patients die in ambulances due to traffic. Furthermore, over-speeding of drivers increases road accidents in the city. Therefore, many people are a victim of the road accidents. Especially, the young people are the prey of it while crossing the road and riding bikes. In conclusion, the government is requested to glance that whatever government has provided to the cities is being used and benefited to the public or not. Further, To take immediate action against the motorists who are doing over-speed while coming from the City Road.

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