Stand by ‘Tree’ to support Bashir Gorsi’s mission: Kamran Gorsi



Hajira, (Correspondent):   Legislative Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi says fulfilling father’s mission is top priority. Muhammad Bashir Gorsi took up the spirit of human service in Constituency 2 and the systematic and just work he started for the sake of Allah is a perfect example of sincerity, love and practical performance in the field of interest politics. In the last 6 months of his life, he focused on the important projects of Hajira Trakhal, including construction of roads in the backward areas of the constituency, provision of clean drinking water, educational needs, service to deserving families, construction of mosques. Let the people succeed in fulfilling their mission by voting for the election symbol tree on July 25. July 25 is the day of victory of the poor people. For the solution of all the problems of the constituency, the people should succeed by voting for the tree. These views were expressed by Kamran Bashir Gorsi while addressing the inauguration of the Election Office in Dhar Bazaar and the induction program in Hajira Town. Meanwhile, in Hajira Town, Sheikh Tariq along with his family and friends will be part of the caravan of Kamran Bashir Gorsi.