How I Became A Government Teacher?


Ali Gul Leghari-Johi
Government of Sindh has recently announced JEST and PST jobs to fill in the vacant positions throughout the Province. Through some sources it is reported that more than half a million candidates have applied for the aforementioned positions. I am writing this write-up for those candidates who have applied for these jobs because I am also a teacher and I have gone through the whole process. I want share my experience here that Getting a Government job is not a piece of cake for everyone not only because you have to burn mid night oil but there are many other hurdles that you will have to prepare yourself. I never mean to discourage anyone applying for the teaching job but I through this article I want to aware our youth how difficult and worst system of hiring is it and how our officials behavior is towards the newly appointed candidates. At first, after you have applied, you have to go through a deep study from the syllabus particularly English, Maths, Everyday Science that includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology and Sindhi. After you appeared in the test, it will take at least one year from announcement of results to scrutinize the final list for interview and documents verification. If you find your name in the final merit list, your actual journey starts from here. First of all, prepare more than 20 sets of your documents’ photocopies, which will be submitted from time to time till your appointment and later on. If you have already any private job, kindly do not give it up at this stage. After getting offer letter, in which it is clearly written that you have been hired for 3 years contract basis, you will be asked to submit a medical certificate, Police Verification Certificate and verify your original documents from time to time which is a time taking process. After, you have fulfilled all these requirements, you will be asked to wait for the issuance of appointment letter. It may take from 2 to 3 months, then you get your appointment letter and you will again be called up for your choice of school. If you luckily find a nearby school on your own choice, you will be asked to join and start working there. Now you can say farewell to your previous job. Between this process, you have to fill many other requirements such as account opening, no vehicle, no accommodation no ban certificate, filling of FO1 and FO2 forms maintenance of service book etc. Never wait for your urgent salary at this stage, keep on working and count the months. You will not receive your salary at least from 8 to 10 months. This is the second most crucial stage of your job. Your salary will start but getting the remaining salaries is another long and tiring journey. Now all the matter lies at your respective district treasury office. In treasury office but If you want your all salaries to be approved at one time, your matter will go to Account General Head Office Karachi for approval. If you leave this process to treasury office, you will never ever receive your difference bills even if you take follow up of your case, each time you will be told enormous objections, lame excuses and requirements in your documents from time to time. Now, the only choice for you is to go to Accountant General Head office by yourself. In A.G office, you will certainly not receive any good response. The reason is only corruption. From treasury office to A.G Office not only concerned officials but even a peon will ask for money before giving any information. At this stage, you will realize how crucial is it to take your own right. You will also realize that to get a Government job is not a piece of cake. You will also be able to know the respect of a Teacher in our society who keeps wondering about here and there for his own right. A teacher who builds a nation has to face even the harsh words of canteen owner not to even sit more than 15 minutes in canteen. Your journey never ends here, even if you manage to get your salaries released, wait for the next level. When you had applied for this job,it took at least one year to conduct test and announce the result. One more year in receiving offer order, appointment order, submission of medical and police verification and other requirements, and one more year in releasing your salaries. After completion of your three years contract period, Government may end your contract here and send you back home. So you will have to prepare yourself for the confirmation. As usual, you have to face the physical torture and shelling of police to receive your confirmation. Here again, you will realize “Am I a teacher”? A teacher who builds the nation.Certainly you won’t believe it but that’s a bitter truth.