“Litter tittle”” (issue of non availability of portable water in CPEC city)

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Muzaffir Imam
The government has announced projects including desalination plants. Construction of dams in the city but work is yet to be started. The future mega city on which the prospect of china- Pakistan economic corridor hinges ha s been facing acute water storage for ha long time but so far no pratical measures have been taken to dress the issue. The city has been hit by water storage three times in the last couple of years. Meanwhile reaindental of the city are also facing numerous whoes given the unabated power load shedding. “More than Rs 100 billion have been spent on different projects in gwadar, while it’s people are compelled to shut down the port city for it’s basic and fundamental rights water and power. The city of gwadar is located in the south western Balochistan region of Pakistan is currently suffering a crisis that will inveritably be ocacerbated by the China – Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). The CPEC and Gwadar will act the bridge between Asia , Europe and Africa. Construction of a deep water port in gwadar has begun using Chinese finance. The water supply arrangements must be incorporated into the gwadar port development plan. For the CPEC to be successful and to ensure the continual development of Pakistan and Gwadar the water crisis must be confronted. Currently the people of gwadar are providen with 115 to 150 litters of water a week. Quantities that are not sufficient to meet daily requirements. There are currently three desalination plants in gwadar two which were built which Chinese. If the CPEC is to remain viable the water crisis cannot be overlooked and must be addressed.

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