Eid with SOPs



Corona pandemic is biggest of all threats witnessed by world in 21st century. All the worst which could be seen has been faced by us . The days passed in quarantine were not less than any doomsday. We, the pakistanis did not allow corona to do some collosal damage by following SOPs. So, now , it is time to show same sprite and cooperation in order to make the nation covid free. As news is spread that the fourth wave of covid-19 is expected and Eidulazha is ahead also hence, we need to take some concrete steps so as to save people`s lives. Its fact of matter that its hard to stop people coming out on festivals like eid. People will also make sacrifice too. so, in this pensive situation , some drastic and bold steps should be taken so as to save the people from any disaster and genocide. We should follow SOPS on Eid like wearing mask , cleaning hand and maintaining social distance. Use of sensitizer should be ensured. One must not shake hand with anyone. Avoid going outside where people are seen crowded. so, if we get rid off Corona, we must follow SOPs on Eid and celebrate Eid at home with our family