Drug addiction

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Murwarid Hassan
Turbat is the city of Balochistan where the drug traffickers destroyed the environment. Due to the lack of good environment, education and the high ratio of unemployment, many small children are using drug because they at this age do not know how harmful it is and they are not provided good education that they should realize the importance of it. No home here is left by this devastating illegal act or drug selling. The police authority does not take any actions against them knowing who and where it is sold because the drug dealers are supported by the political parties. The local people of different areas lastly staged a large number of sit-ins to stop it. The areas where sit-in were staged are, Bulida, Dannuk, Bahman, Gokdan, Zamaran, Hashab, shapuk and Dasht, they all they are the near of far-flung areas of Turbat but all in vain. Here the people do not keep hope towards the authorities because the authorities have always wasted their struggle. It is my request to the DC of Turbat city for the sake of God takes some serious actions against drugs traffickers.

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