Dog Bite


A dog bite is a public dilemma in our community and it a very critical matter. As it is recognized that if a dog bites then we should have injections for finishing the poisons of the area where the dog injured someone. In this outbreak, if we do not carry it seriously its infections can kill us. Treatment for this crisis to have injections for 1Month. Mostly, people go to Government hospitals for medication because it is expensive, in private clinics. But unfortunately, we are being deprived by dog bite injections. Recently, one of my colleagues was hurting from this infection and we took off to Jam Gulam Qadir hospital Hub and there were no injections for dog bites patients. Because of that we went and paid for injection at least Rs. 900 in a medical shop. When we inquired about injection they answered back, it is being 2 weeks they are finished.Now, I beg the Government to provide budgets to Government hospitals rather than donating money to stadiums and plants. If a cheap man dies in this patient. The case will be on Government because they are not looking after Government hospitals.