Disbalanced distribution

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Naveed Ahmed
Poverty is common in Pakistan and most of the families are surviving under poverty line which is creating several problems for citizens. It also bounds the progress of the country. Undoubtedly, one of the best steps to control poverty, is giving jobs to the poor citizens.Our PM Imran khan has shaped the best way to serve poor people in the country. One of the best steps to provide basic rights to poor citizens as well as to curb poverty, is “Ahsas Imdad program” by the government.Poor people are assisted by giving money for the purpose to control poverty and to finish the virus namely hunger. Indeed, government is providing the citizens money but the distribution done by government is disbalanced which is causing different issues for the citizens. Ahsas Imdad program is one of the best programs. However, there is no proper distribution. Money is being served to those who are financially strong and the one who needs money is deprived of.The government must examine the problem of distribution and should endeavor to serve money to those who deserve it.

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