A suicide of CSS aspirant


Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Css is the name of tolerance of pressure and having a great spirit to come with great vision to make positive change in the society. Css is the name of consciousness to understand the things deeply and involve beyond the facts deeply to dig out the solution of few problems. Nowadays the definition of CSS has been totally changed that we prepare ourselves to become a officer because of our personal desire and to get protocol or respect in the society, but very sorry to say this is not a real CSS and these are not real aspirant of CSS who prepare themselves for such desires. It was really sad for me when I knew that a CSS aspirant in Lahore committed suicide due to not getting succession and lot of pressure of their family, its really bad and the sign of sick mind that how much we have been selfish and betraying to our beloved country. The family who expect to make their sons or daughters to be a CSS officer should not be strict as the case happened in Lahore. Css is a competitive exam which requires few particular qualities of candidate to become the part of executive body. This is the sick myth in our society that a person who become CSP officer is more wise and intellectual than the others who are existing in this society with the margin of billions. This is our mistake we have to understand that few peoples are not made for CSS not because they are not intellectual but it might be possible that they are more geniuse than CSS, as their are many alive example exists in Pakistan, The Ex Prime minister Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was rejected in Css interview, The senior lawyer Aitzaz Hussain cleared the Css exam for three times but he didn’t become the part of CSS, it doesn’t mean they were not genius but means they are more intellectual than CSS and were not made for CSS because of having great qualities and intellect than a officer, if that time they would join these jobs then today the golden history would not remember them as we remember them nowadays. The Ex Prime minister Dr Abdul kalam Azad was rejected in the job of pilot but he proved himself and many pilots and the whole officers of state worked under his commandments. So these names should not be forgotten, CSS is not the succession of life but it is the responsibility and a responsibility can’t be the personal desire but its like a exam which we have to clear carefully and sincerely. We need to understand that we should not be dependent on limited things, life doesn’t stop when we fail in any exam but it is the name of challenges and we have to accept them and should solve them boldly. Dr Abdul Kalam Azad once said that “Never feel sad about losing any thing in your life because whenever a tree loses a leaf a new leaf grows on it’s place” so the aspirant who are preparing for Css should not be discouraged and all the aspirants have to understand that a exam has two aspects either you triumph it or you will learn from it, that learning will be benifical for your whole life there is no any path of loss or defeat in this path and destination.