Opposition busy in ragging elections: Saud


Hajira,   (Parliament Times) :  Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate Nominated Candidate Pakistan Peoples Party today in his address at Bellerchiner, Lahri, Pothi Chhapriyan, Nadian, Town and other places said that my political rivals are afraid to face the people and to steal the election as usual and are Engage in unsuccessful attempts. But every time the PPP and the people across the constituency have not allowed any of their tactics to succeed. Sardar Saud said that PML-N is facing public backlash in Azad Kashmir and Tehrek Insaf has not been able to gain acceptance among the people of Kashmir yet. The Kashmir independence movement also suffered. Sardar Saud Sadiq said that PPP was gaining the support of the people under its program and concept of welfare state. He said that this time with the support of PPP party workers, political opponents would be defeated by contravention into their homes. Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate said that PML-N gave birth to a non-political child called PTI. This is not the end of the story. Beyond that, the independent candidates who came to the fore in revolt against the PML-N will now succeed only those who are consistent in politics and adhere to principles.
Sardar Saud Sadiq said that politics is the name of principles. People who sell their ideas and thoughts for schemes and for some interest always fall in the public eyes. He said that the people of Hajeera, Trar Khal are united and will give historical defeat to PML N . Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate said that now people have woken up and will give their lost seat to Chairman Bilawal Bhutto as a gift.
Sardar Saud Sadiq said that my workers and the people of the constituency are running my election campaign. On the contrary, my opponents have also handed over the election campaign to contractors. As a result, the people and political activists are joining the PPP in hopelessness. At this occasion speakers and participants said that they were disappointed by contractors roles distributing schemes. Therefore, PML N have no standing in Tarar Khal and Hajeera so the people decided to give vote to PPP and feel pride to join a respectable political party the PPP.