Only PTI’s ‘Change’ policy can make prosperous country: PM


Residents of Bagh, thank you for your love, make PTI successful on July 25, will bring an era of construction and development in Azad Kashmir,


BAGH,    (Parliament Times) :  Addressing a campaign rally of Tanveer Ilyas in Bagh, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan, which is going to be formed, will help the poor countries. The poor family sells everything for treatment, free treatment can be provided from any hospital with a health card, we are also striving for a welfare state. Continuing his speech, the Prime Minister said, “Has anyone seen the power in the UK to seize power and dare to ask for it?” No prosperous country dares to ask for NRO, only poor people are in jails, the powerful can’t catch our justice system, it never happens that the accused goes to the UK by acting by showing a false test. Addressing an election rally in Bagh, the Home Minister said that the weather was bad and he had to return soon. He said that Kashmiris had come to seek votes for Imran Khan. Opposition did not mention Modi, RSS in the rallies, or Imran Khan who grabbed the thieves by the throat. During the rally, Sheikh Rashid, who is Modi’s friend, also chanted slogans of treason. Earlier addressing the meeting, Deputy Chairman Election Campaign Committee candidate Wasti Bagh Sardar Tanveer Ilyas said that seal the bat on July 25 and make PTI successful. Today we send a message to the occupied Kashmiris that Pakistani nation is with you. Standing on his principled position on the Kashmir issue, he thanked the people of Bagh for proving that Kashmiris and Pakistan are one and the same by welcoming the Kashmiris’ ambassador, Prime Minister Imran Khan.