Poor law and order condition in Kashmore


Noor Khan Bakhrani

Unfortunately the soil of Sindh which is called gate way to Islam is replete with myriad problems. Likewise permanent peace has been a major issue since long past. Simultaneously, in current scenario the law and order situation in our district Kashmore is the worst of all the districts of Sindh. On every following day untoward incidents of kidnapping citizens for ransom, honour killings, bloody tribal clashes and committing dacoities are happening. Such unpleasant incidents have now become the order of the day. If you will look into recent past even in a fortnight period more than 5 murders of innocent people were reported including a Police Constable Sajjad Ali Khashkheli who was shot dead by robbers in an encounter during on-going operation of Police against criminals hiding in forest areas of Kashmore. On Monday two Pashtoons were killed in Kandhkot, few days ago one young man belonging to Bahalkani community namely Hafiz Abdul Rahman was killed by unknown robbers. One Malik tribesman Muhammad Usman Malik was also mercilessly shot to death infront of his house in broad daylight over an old enmity in village Jeeo Khan Malik. The police and law enforcing agencies are utterly failed to maintain law and order in district Kashmore. Surprisingly, so far no any perpetrators could be arrested and put behind the bars. That’s why the criminal activities of dacoits and miscreants are on rise rather than to be reduced. They have no fear at all from law and Police force. Criminals and many gangs of notorious robbers are moving freely hither and thither throughout the whole district to commit crimes on regular basis. The business class and peace-loving citizens are much worried about poor law and order condition and feel themselves insecure. Now under poor conditions of law and order uncertainty, fear and panic prevails every where. The writ of state is questionable? The latest surge of poor law and order created panic and fear among the citizens. I would like to draw the attention of Sindh government Inspector General (I.G) Police and SSP Kashmore Amjad Sheikh to review the law and order conditions in Kashmore and take immediate stern action against the robbers, law breakers and their supporters in the foremost interest of promoting durable and permanent peace in district Kashmore.