Leveling allegations by Afghan president against Pakistan is unjust, disappointing: PM


TASHKENT :   Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan has tried its best to bring Taliban on negotiating table and the allegations leveled against Pakistan has extremely disappointed us.

“ Taliban should have been invited to the talks before pull out of forces from Afghanistan. Now Taliban are seeing victory in Afghanistan and why will they hear us now” PM said this while addressing the International Conference on “South Asia-Central Asia Regional Connectivity-Challenges and Opportunities in Tashkent Friday..

He held Afghan President Ashraf Ghani leveled baseless allegations against Pakistan.

While giving prompt reply to him PM Imran Khan said “ holding Pakistan responsible for Afghan situation is grave injustice. I am highly disappointed when allegations are leveled against Pakistan.

He underlined we made sincere efforts for Afghan peace process. Leveling allegations of chaos in Afghanistan against Pakistan is unjust. Pakistan gave sacrifice of lives of 70000 people during the last 15 years.

Peace in Afghanistan is in the interest of all, he said adding Afghanistan is bridge among central and South Asian countries;. Peace in Afghanistan is must for peace in the region. It is feared another wave of Afghan refugees will come due to chaos in Afghanistan.

He indicated that Pakistan made every possible effort to bring Taliban on dialogue table. it was Pakistan which brought Afghan Taliban to dialogue table during Afghan peace process. US continued to make efforts for military solution in Afghanistan which was next to impossible.
Pakistan from the very first day said key to Afghan issue lies in talks and military option is no solution. Now why Taliban will accept US stance when the US troops are being withdrawn from Afghanistan.

He remarked when millions of US and NATO troops were in Afghanistan then talks should have been held with Taliban. Now when the date has been given for pull out and only some thousands US troops have been left in Afghanistan then why Taliban will compromise now. Why will they listen to us when they are seeing their victory.

He underlined Kashmir is core issue between Pakistan and India. Resolution of Kashmir issue will open avenues of connectivity in the region.

He observed economic activities started in Gwadar port from March 2019 and this project is BRI flag ship project. The entire region will benefit from it.