From conductor to scholar


Khair Muhammad
Hard work always pays off. Today, i would like to share the journey of a conductor to become an M.Phil scholar. It is the matter of his household expenses which compelled him to depart from education. At that time, he had done intermediate after that begun to serve as a conductor on 400 wage. Being a positive personality, he was self-aware and well known about his strengths and limitations and respect them. While supporting his family, he took admission in a private university in maths department and started to focus on studies in night. He worked very hard by leaps and bounds and left no stone unturned to pursue BS degree while bearing household expenses as well. Eventually, he became graduated in maths and started to give tuition immediately. He left serving as conductor. Intellectuals once said that God helps those who help themselves. He was awarded with fully funded scholarship in a renowned university to continue Mphil. Now he is a University Professor in the same university. The person is no one but my teacher.