Darro Library

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Inayatullah Soomro
Education is an essential tool that imparts knowledge to improves one’s wisdom and nourishes mind. Education comprises of several steps depending upon the quality of Education. It is a key process that plays a significant role in adopting the ethics, decision making and culture of the society. Education is the basic right of every individual. Article 25A of the constitution states that “all five to 16 year olds should have access to free education” and Article 37 mandates for promoting individual education through various means.Meanwhile, library is prerequisite for every candidate in Educational institutions but unfortunately Darro is a small town near Mirpur Bathoro, District Sujawal which is deprived of libraries and quality of education . However, Itis forward in Education in district. People of here are concern with higher posts in Pakistan as well as in World. But It is disheartening to mention that even not a single library has been established in Darro. It is also center of an economical and business hub of district Sujawal. However,According to Analysis of 2020 data it is estimated that Darro city consists of huge chunk of population approximately 12000. Many small villages connects with Darro town from there the pillars of nation, Majority of Children come from near villages of Darro to seek knowledge in Government school as well as in privates schools of Darro town. Hence, Education is key element that contributes in progress of nation there is dire need of better infrastructure including library and quality of Education if it is not concerted everyone will suffer the conseques through deteriorating quality .Therefore.government needs to implement pragmatic strategy for accessing libraries so that candidates can continue their study in better environment.

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