PM in Gwadar


Faheem ur Rehman
Recently, PM was on a significant visit to Gwadar. He was given detailed briefing about the ongoing development projects and issues of Gwadar where he inaugurated different kinds of development and infrastructure projects such as: A technical college, a hospital, a university, convenient loans for farmers, expo centre, industrial park and 3 factories. Having done this, PM also signed some agreements to solve the issues of water and electricity in Gwadar.Despite of doing all that, the elected representatives and the people of Gwadar are still compelled to protest for the solution to their numerous issues. Lasbela-Gwadar MNA Aslam-Bhootani addressed in NA-272 that they were not going to let any investor to invest in Gwadar until they are taken on board. Investors never invest in such a market where they do not see peace and stability. The protest of the people of Gwadar will lead us to an unstable situation in Gwadar. It is a big question mark on the credibility of the government which used to claim to make it welfare state. Sadly, by cutting inaugurating tapes and without knowing the ground realities Gwadar and Pakistan are not going to progress. Gwadar and Pakistan can progress on a condition to hear the grievances and resolve the issues of people of Gwadar. People of Gwadar should always be taken on board so that their deprivations should be addressed and these people may be benefited by the development projects.