No rigging, but actions are forcing PPP/PML-N to lose elections: PTI



Muzaffarabad,   (Parliament Times) : Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs Ali Amin Gandapur has said that he would give the largest development package in history in the style of Gilgit-Baltistan to help Azad Kashmir reach its goal of development and prosperity. Gilgit-Baltistan has been given a development package of Rs 370 billion. Azad Kashmir will be given a development package of Rs 500 billion. “I swear that there is no proposal to make Azad Kashmir a province and such a thing cannot be thought of”, he added. PML-N’s propaganda about making Azad Kashmir a province is based on lies. Farooq Haider’s statement is Nawaz Sharif’s line to speak against the state and institutions, our position on Kashmir is very clear that Kashmir will be decided by Kashmiris. Elections are being held on July 25 and two children of Abu Bachao Tehreek are already alleging fraud. I want to tell them that rigging is not happening in Azad Kashmir but their deeds are causing their defeat. He expressed these views while addressing the Workers Convention in connection with the election campaign of PTI nominee Khawaja Farooq Ahmed from Muzaffarabad city constituency. Federal Minister Murad Saeed, Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab and senior PTI leader Sardar Tanveer Ilyas, Constituency 3 City candidate Khawaja Farooq Ahmed and other leaders also addressed the workers convention.

He vowed that the project of Lohar Gali Tunnel will be started soon. We will give a big package for the development of tourism in Azad Kashmir. The development of tourism will increase the revenue of the state as well as create vast employment opportunities, upgrade major hospitals and provide them with modern medical facilities. Supply of Sui Gas to Azad Kashmir is one of the top priorities. Supply of Sui Gas in Azad Kashmir will enable conservation of forests and supply of Sui Gas is also important in the promotion of tourism. Addressing the Workers Convention, Federal Minister Murad Saeed said that the people of Azad Kashmir have decided in favor of the PTI, which is why the two characters of the Abu Bachao campaign are crying out for premature rigging. We want to hold clean, transparent and fair elections in Azad Kashmir. Senior PTI leader Tanveer Ilyas, special assistant to the Punjab chief minister, said that the PTI has become an invincible force within Azad Kashmir. This is a betrayal of Pakistan and Kashmir. Politics is reprehensible only on issues like national security for elections. Azad Kashmir cannot become a province. The base camp will remain until occupied Kashmir becomes independent. Addressing the Workers Convention, the host Khawaja Farooq Ahmad said that today the people of Muzaffarabad have decided in favor of PTI. The zealous people of Azad Kashmir have already rejected those who brought the statement of the enemy against Pakistan, the state and the Dar.