Harassment Case


Mujeeb Ali Samo
No violence is tolerable. It may be of any sort. Our media is creating hype in updating the news of heinous nature every day. It is undesirable. No one is free to sigh in relief. The cases of such nature like rape with minor children, robbery, extortion, murder and violence are threatening the security of people. The culprits are set-free though their previous crime record is available. Our justice system is threatened by these thugs. It is in the favour of the justice that if these criminals meet the punishment at the end. Recently, the event of harassment in Islamabad is heart wrenching. The perpetrator Usman Mirza who is involved in violence to the couple in video at Islamabad is unbearable . The video became viral on the social media where it is clearly shown in the viral video that the aggressor is theaterng the victim couple. He is forcing innocent girls and boys to do illegal acts in the presence of Usman Mirza and his friends. The couple is tortured to act according to the wishes of Usman Mirza. Such types of acts are undesirable in the country. But, if such acts are done in Islamabad, the capital city of the country, it is really alarming. The individual is not safe and his life is at high security risk. It is the capital city which is not free from such heinous acts then what about the other cities. There are hundreds of cases which are not taken seriously. Though they need the attention of the authorities. Due to the failure of the system, social media becomes their voice. It is a matter of shame that our security is not ensuring safety. The individual victim even reaches the office of authority for their redress. The complaints were ignored. In an utter compulsion, the aggrieved person takes help of social platforms. The voice is raised on social media. Social media takes the hype of the issue then the concerned authority comes into the action. If the voice of the couple is heard at an earlier stage by authority then the bad reputation to them and the loss of money would be secured. It is also expressed that the event happened some six to seven months ago. The couple aggrieved that they have even complained to the law enforcement agencies and crime control cell to protect them from the criminal Usman Mirza. Usman Mirza has been threatening to raise his voice. He has been blackmailing and demanding money from the couple. The torture and threat has been continued. It is the social media that has raised the voice which enabled the authorities to take the action. Otherwise the grievance of the victim was suppressed. It is also expressed by the girl that Usman Mirza has raped her. He has the approach. He feels no fear of being in prison for a long period of time. Such ignominious people are a threat to the life of the people. Our prime minister Imran Khan has taken the notice and is involved himself to give punishment to the guilty. The law of castration will be the best punishment for Usman Mirza and his accomplices. Let this case make precedent for the rest of the people who are involved in such cases. It is a proposal to the prime minister Imran khan that cases of such nature should be heard at an earlier stage. If it is taken by social media then the victim is spread to every individual. The reputation and respect of the victim are lost. Society sees it as bad. The sympathy of the social organization is good but they expose the face of the victim. Before it becomes viral if the law enforcement agencies listen to the grievance of the victim. It is good for them and the society. Acts of such nature earn the bad name. World is looking to the country that the individual security is at risk in the country Pakistan.