Martyrs day( 13 July 1831)


Bushra Basir
Blessed land of Kashmir witnessed the series of oppressive and brutal rules throughout the course of its ruling and administrative history. Dogra autocracy and oppressive rule in state of Jammu and Kashmir was the outcome of the treaty of Amritsar on march 16 1846 between the occupiers of the sub continent and occupier of Jammu and Kashmir state with 7.5 million Nankshai. ” Treaty of Amritsar”, which is totally considered as the certificate of offensive given by so called civilized Britishers to Gulab Singh. Actually, this agreement can be considered as certificate of oppression and exploitation of the people of state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was one man rule and all power vested to Maharaja. The people of Kashmir were either exploited by the rulers or their corrupt officials, they always enjoyed the powers on the cost of innocent people. Under the oppressive rule of Maharaja the corrupt officials made the life of Kashmiri Muslims miserable and difficult. They were deprived, socially, economically and educationally. After this treaty, the imposed ruler of Kashmir started to suck the blood of Kashmiris, especially Muslims by imposing and implementing heavy taxes and inhuman practices. According to wrlter Lawrence ” in Kashmir everything was taxed even water and air. Begar or force labor was very common due to which large number of Kashmiri lost their lives. There was injustice, exploitation, inhuman practices oppressive treatment with Kashmiris. So they raised their voices against cruel and injustice system. In 1930, a series of significant events took place in state of Jammu and Kashmir. That sparked the flames of revolt against the dogra rule. 13th of July 1931, is consider as the most important day both historically and politically in the history of Kashmir. From that day freedom struggle was started on new patterns. That incident shook the minds of the Kashmiris. This day laid the foundation for the freedom struggle movement in valley. It was the first time that dogra authority was challenged by the common Kashmiri people. Hence, the day of July 13 is observed as a martyr day in the history of Kashmir when 22 Kashmiri martyrs changed the history of Kashmir. Dogra troops gunned down 22 Kashmiri Muslims outside Srinagar central jail who gathered there to witness the trail of Abdul Qadeer khan who was arrested by the Dogra administration for his speech against the dogra ruler. According to an estimate about four to five thousand people had gone to witness the trail. The aim was to show solidarity with the young man. But before the hearing of case started, about 2 hundred kashmiris had entered the central jail while about 36 hundred kashmiris stood peacefully outside the jail. The police charged them with batons. As the time for obligatory prayer approached a young Kashmiri started pray calling who was standing on the wall. The police bullet downed him then and there. There was such a zeal and zeast that, another man took his place instantly and retained the Azan but he was killed, and they upheld Azan his chest was rotten as well.This was immediately followed by a face to face fight between the people and police. In order to disperse the mob, police started firing. In this way 22 Kashmiris embraced martyrdom/ embraced in their efforts to complete the Azan. A wounded man at the time of death said to sheikh Abdullah, “Abdullah, I have full filled my duty, now it’s your turn to come forward.