Kashmiris themselves sought to attach with Pakistan on 19 July: Umair

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Islamabad,    (Parliament Times) : PhD Scholar and expert Kashmir Affairs, Umair Pervez Khan, while addressing a seminar organized by Youth Forum for Kashmir said that the martyrs of July 13, 1931 determined the direction of independence of Kashmiri nation with their blood and their sacrifices inspired the Kashmiri nation to revolt against Dogra. In the same spirit, in 1947, the Kashmiris passed a resolution on the annexation of Pakistan on July 19 and linked their future with Pakistan before Pakistan came into being. Kashmiris will resist the Indian occupation until they get the right to self-determination. He further said that Kashmiris are fighting Pakistan’s war on all fronts and the youth of Pakistan should make research on the Kashmir conflict so that the Kashmir issue could be better highlighted in the world. Today there is a war of narratives so consistency and understanding of the Kashmir issue are the key factors to win this war. Religion is definitely a factor in the Kashmir issue but the basis of this movement is the resolution of 19 July 1947 which states, in accordance with the principles of partition of the subcontinent, that the geographical proximity of the state of Kashmir, 85 percent Muslim population, natural flow of the rivers towards Pakistan and on the basis of an everlasting relationship of civilization, the state must be annexed with Pakistan. Addressing a large number of youths, he further added that while representing Kashmir on social media and other forums, the seriousness and delicacy of the issue should always be kept in mind and no statement should go against history and facts. This has a negative impact on the Kashmir independence movement. Zaman Bajwa, Dr Mujahid Gilani, Kashif Zaheer Kambo, Syeda Rabab, Usman Gujjar, Dr Abdullah and officials of other organizations also addressed the function. The participants congratulated and thanked Zaman Bajwa and the leaders of Youth Forum for Kashmir for organizing the event.

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