Saddam Hussain:The best- known dictator in the history

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Muhammad Kashif
The history is full of great personalities who devoted their lives to the betterment of their people and society. One of those historical figures is the audicious leader of Iraq Saddam Hussein. Saddam hussein was the president of Iraq and rose to power by dictatorship. He was a marshal officer in military. In 1969, he overtook the government and imposed martial law in the country which lasted for 35 years. In his tenure, he waged war against Iran which continued for over eight years and ended as without a decisive result. Soon after the end of war with Iran, Saddam hussein initiated the war against Kuwait. He wanted to invade Kuwait and in an interview when he was asked about the invasion of Kuwait, he said that Kuwait belonged to Iraq rightfully and also added that “when I get something to my head then I act until I accomplish it”. It was the time when things started turning against him and USA began to contemplate ending his tenure because America did not want to see Kuwait in the hands of Iraq. And there were many times when Saddam hussein was met by top American authorities to negotiate, but saddam was reluctant and he made a condition that Kuwait would be set free and arms forces would be withdrawn only if Israel is forced to leave his occupation of Palestine. He demanded that Palestine should be declared a sovereign state and Israel must end its oppression over Palestinians. But Americans turned down the condition and started to deploy heavy forces into Iraq in order to invade her and eliminate the regine of Saddam hussein. Within the matter of weeks, a weak and less advanced weaponized armed force of Iraq capitulated to the highly weaponized forces of America and her allies. Actually, the main goal of invading Iraq was to end the Saddam’s regime and to take control of Iraq’s oil reserves. On several occasions, Saddam hussein challenged America and he usually said it’s Iraq’s victory against America that I’m still alive. Saddam hussein was the bravest man and he was a religious person. He himself wrote Allahu Akbar on the flag of Iraq and(gave 27 litres of his blood for getting written the *blood Quran*) Which was displayed in a mosque in Iraq. The whole blood quran was written by Saddam’s blood. Once he was asked why he got written the blood Quran, he replied” God has saved him from lots of his bloodshed because there were many plotting and conspiracies against him for his murder. His famous words are still remembered ” There’s no power that can harm me except Allah and he’s the one who is the creator and destroyer”. I want to add here a little more that Saddam was betrayed by Shia sect. This is not to spread hatred based on sects but truly if Shia sect didnt betray him then today Iraq wouldn’t be facing brutalities and atrocities. A bard wrote some lines for Saddam Hussein; Apna inaam bhejde maula Sare aam bhejde maula Syria khoon me nahaya hai Koi saddam bhejde maula. I can’t explain how he was excuted and hanged, a grave digger said” saddam hussein was stabbed six times after being hanged and there was a hole in his neck, how cruelly he was murdered. This earth can’t have the brave man like saddam hussein again.

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