Stopping vote rigging require collective efforts: Protesters



Rawalakot,    (Parliament Times) : Massive vote-rigging in Constituency LA 20 Poonch 4 in Koiyan Kopra Ward of Rawalakot City. Tehsildar and Patwari protest against illegal vote rigging in collusion with influential people. According to details, on the illegal transfer of votes from Constituency LA-20 Poonch-4 Rawalakot City to Constituency-3 and violation of court order, the residents of Kopra ward in Sankira organized a grand jirga with the Chief Election Commissioner of Azad Kashmir and the Chief Justice of Azad Kashmir demanded that the RO, Tehsildar and Patwari, in collaboration with some influential people, take notice of the large scale illegal tampering of votes in Constituency Four Rawalakot Koiyan Kopra Ward and take strict legal action against them and illegal voting should be corrected. Grand Awami Jirga participants Sardar Amir Khurshid, Sardar Bashir Yaqoob, Sardar Shehzad Bashir, Sardar Sarfraz, Sardar Saghir Ishaq, Sardar Kalad, Sardar Saddam, Sardar Imran Aziz, Sardar Amir Shahid and others said in a joint statement after the jirga that the area was affected by this illegal transfer. There is a risk of a serious collision. Participants said that by crossing the constituency boundary and transferring votes to another constituency, injustice has been done to the people and basic rights have also been violated and open rigging has been done for which those responsible will not be forgiven.