Impact of Covid-19 on education in Pakistan


Moshin Taj
Coronavirus is one of the grevious disease which has spread rather still spreading in entire world. Due to this virus many of the people lost their precious lives. Day by day in every country of the world it is increasing instead of decreasing. First it was discovered on 31 December in the city of China Wuhan, where many people were effected and many people died. In 2013 this Hazardous virus came in Saudi Arabia and Camels were effected but now the situation is something else so now a days people are being effected. Specially, the poor people are more miserable than any other because if they are affected by coronavirus so they are in trouble because they can’t afford the treatment of this Crona virus. Due to the coronavirus we are losing alot of things. Moreover, our education, which is the light of our future, is highly effected. Without education, we are nothing. But now a days the situation of education is being worse. Schools, colleges and universities all are closed and the students are sitting at home and doing nothing. Their education is totally disturbed. As education is very much crucial for us but the education system is being destroyed and the children. World is full of poor people and they are sending their children to get something so that in future they must be satisfied with their lives. But due to the vacation of Coronavirus education is disturbed as distancing was the only solution. Actually it was the best thing to do to save the lives but our education got destroyed. Because of these vacations nobody is willing to go for reading. Now many children don’t want to attend their classes, they are not interested in reading just because of Coronavirus. It destroyed all of the things not just education but also the economy and killed many people still people are suffering. According to WHO(World Health Organization)In Pakistan it came on 3 January 2020 till 19th March 2021, there have been 615,810 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 13,717 death. If the situation of Pakistan is this, then we can’t imagine what about the cold countries that how many people lost their lives. Now, third wave of coronavirus has hit our country. It is very much dangerous for everyone and it is our responsibility to follow the SOPs of coronavirus so that we should get rid from this unexpected virus. Also by following the SOPs our Institutions won’t be off so it won’t effect our education system and our lives will not be in danger.