Early marriage


Mahpara Murad Bistaar
Early marriage is a social and cultural practice taking place over the centuries in human history, but UN recognized it a human rights violation. Since then, it is forbidden by UN and even many laws were passed to stop it happening. However, in most countries, it has been occurring. It recently was practiced in my own area Gokdan Turbat; two very small children were married nearly their ages were about 10 to 12 years old. At these very small ages, children certainly are not ready for their conjugal rights or life emotionally, mentally and physically. Throughout the world, this evil social practice has a rise in maternal and infant and morality. At this age, the children do not know their responsibilities about their conjugal relations similarly, this practice of early marriage keeps many small  children away from their education. Many small children will get pregnant because of the evil practice even most of whom die due to not being able physically. The research suggested that according to UNICEF, “it is estimated that stillbirths and new barns deaths are 50 percent higher among mother under the age of 20 in women who get pregnant in their 20s.” Moreover, the UN research suggested that 16 million girls who are adolescent are giving birth every year and among them 90 percent are already married. Apart from these all, still early marriage is so common in most societies. As further the facts suggested that according to UN population fund, between 2011 to 2020, 140 million girls married were child brides. If we keep analyses on the recent child marriage level then 14.2 million girls annually or 39,000 daily would marry being very young on the other hand, it can be estimated that 140 million girls could marry before the legal age of 18 and 50 million will marry under the age of 15 but still it is so common in most societies. It is what from the similar reasons; most girls have early pregnancies which can cause deaths. Most of the children quit their education because they are early married as according to UN population fund, children marriage is considered an appalling violation of human rights. It is also accepted the violation of their right to education, long term prospects and right to future career. It is declared that the main cause behind this evil practice is the poverty because most parents marry their children in early age while thinking to reduce the expense. So for UN and the international laws are failed to stop this tension.it is necessary that there must campaign awareness in urban societies about its bad impacts and parents are to be taken in confidence about its harmfulness for their children. Hence, I request the government to declare it an illegal act in Pakistan and the people practicing it must be legally punished and the innocent children are to be saved from this devastating social practice.