Constituency 2 remained backyard of government’s attention: Kamran Gorsi



Hajira,   (Parliament Times) : Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi’s election campaign is in full swing.

A large number of people from Akhor Bin-Gangel Dhar, Durandi, Kathiara, Sirari, Desah have increased their acceptance of Kamran Gorsi in view of his public services to the late Muhammad Bashir Gorsi. “I salute the public spirit. I will never forget as much as the people encouraged me. There is greatness in service. Public service has become my motto. I will never disappoint the fans of the late Muhammad Bashir Gorsi”. These views were expressed by Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi while addressing corner meetings in the said areas. Sardar Sikandar, Mushtaq Ahmed Mohib, Asif Kayani, Sajjad Chaudhry, Mushtaq Ahmed, Tanveer Gorsi and others were also present on the occasion. Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi said that Constituency 2 is still backward. The people of rural areas are deprived of basic amenities. It is unjust to deliberately deprive people of basic amenities. It was decided to participate in the elections that the only way to reach out to the backward people is through elections. He said that my late father had decided to participate in the elections in the constituency keeping in view the public’s frustrations that elections are the only way to reach out to the backward people. Going from village to village in the constituency, he felt that the people are still in the Stone Age. I am giving good news to the people that if the cooperation of the people remains the same then this time victory in Constituency 2 will be for the poor and backward people. The process of public service and construction and development started by my father Muhammad Bashir Gorsi will not end. I will not let the people miss Bashir Gorsi. After July 25, the people will find the late Muhammad Bashir Gorsi in my form with the power of the people.