Effect of Covid-19 on Educational Sector


Ahtesham Mustafai
First of all we try to understand the virus, that what is virus? So that we can understand Corona Virus. The world virus is derived from Latin language. Which mean ”Poison”. When virus enters into the body it starts effecting the body. Generally there are two kinds of virus. The one is a Celola and other is extra Celola. A cellules are found naturally in which RNA and DNA are present. But only one can exist both of them. The process of getting education about virus or such a subject in which virus is studied is called virology. Virus needs a host means home to spread more they just die or lose their powers. Usually the size of virus is 1/10 part of 1/1000 bacterial cell. Viruses are non motayl and they cannot be seen with naked eye. An electronic microscope is used to see them. One amazing thing about viruses is that they not only spread disease in human being but they also spread disease in animals, birds and plants. Corona virus started in December 2019 from the city of China at Wahan. In the beginning experts thought that virus transferred/ shifted from animals to human beings, some said it spread by an evil cat, some said it spread by a owl, some said it transferred from an owl to human being, some said it spread by a dromedary camel, and some said it spread by a bat. With the passage of time different statements in all over the world started to revolve. Some experts thought that human himself made it and it will be used as a weapon for 3rd world war. Any ways whatever it is, but till now solid evidence is found regarding this but this virus is a reality which affected almost all people in all over the world. While this virus killed almost many people and of its total population. Corona’s tide flowed all over the world. Where we faced a great loss of human lives these economy of started to spread in Pakistan then first of all prime ministers of AJK Farooq Haider imposed lock down in the state in which all the social educational and business activities were banned. After this where social system effected there also educational institutes effected badly. During the bane on govt. institutions, the pays were being given to their employees but employees of private institutions were badly affected. Many of them were sealed and several of there were flapped and many of them were being loaned. As Corona Virus spreads due to rush, gathering, handshaking and sneezes then the partials of jellies shift to an others persons and similarly when an effected person shakes hand to the other one then it also shifts. Usually a virus keeps alive for 14days. Percentage of poverty and unawareness is too high and it is also a developing country as well. Due to ban of educational institutions the greatest loss has to be faced by the students. Educational minister Shafqat Mehmood promoted many students of metric and intermediate even without exam, which effected educational capacity of many students. Then many institutions started online education. At the begging in Pakistan online education was given only in Virtual University and distance educational was given in AIOU . In online education the most important issue was teaching standard and Internet. As students are not self employed. They take help form parents and caviling and facility of Internet is very expensive and with the facility of Internet it is necessary to have good mobile device, laptop and the facility of computer for online education. But most of the students are deprived of these facilities which not only effected their education but also caused mental distress for them . The place is where online exams were taken written or oral there cheating was on its peak. Due to which standard of education got paralyzed. Whatsapp Internet, YouTube and other resources were used for online education. For online education with Interned and devices we also need to know an awareness about the use of internet and the way of its use, like AIOU or other Universities ask for some papers assignments through ms word from or PDF but most of the students are unaware of the use of computer in urban areas. Computer is mostly used in Urban areas. Students easily have the facility of computer. But in rural areas mostly students live in simple life, so for these students computer typing and pages like ms word are quite difficult to use. With this difficulty the facility of devices is also missing. The facility of internet and computer from markets is very expensive and also time consuming. The students from rural areas go to cities for composing and uploading of assignments in which transport expenses are a part from all other difficulties. However online education is quite difficult and students are quite away from these problems. All the business remained still, most of the people faced great loss, that’s why Urban students also have to face financial problems. For we or the inhabitants of a developing countries have the poverty rate is high. Problems and problems every where at one place poverty these and at other place unemployment exists. Performing the duties of teaching, the educational institutions become the source of employ for many people, as all some downfallen women also adopt the profession of education to run their kitchen. Although they do not get much income but they fulfill these expenses. Similarly many male people also live their lives by offering their services in education department. In govt. institutions, the teachers have good salaries but in public institutions salaries are too little. Some private educational institutes are also run by NGOS. For example Read Foundation Pakistan and Muslim hands Pakistan and other welfare organizations pay their staff a good package. In educational institution where male and female teachers got employment these is also some supporting staff. Their lives also so on like clerk, security guard, office boy etc. And with all this close to educational institutions some business has to be seen running i.e canteen, general store, bookstall and stationery shops etc. As staff and students in educational institutions affected due to Covid-19 similarly business related to these institutions also affected. Due to Covid-19 there raised school fees issue from the very initial stage of covid-19 and still it exists. Somewhere parents decided not to pay any fee due closure of institution and at other hand parents took their children from school due to closure of school during Covid-19. Initially it was challenged in high court and for some time court ordered the intuition to take no fee from the students. Like students and teachers educational activities Covid-19 also caused the big loss of many human lives. This loss also includes many doctors and many teachers as well the first doctor who lost his life due to Covit-19 in Pakistan belong to Gilgit Baltistan. Before 7th July in Pakistan more or less 50 thousand Covid-19 test have been done out of which the history of positive cases was 1923 while the ration of negative cases was 3.8 and the ratio of death or ratio of death rate was 0.4. In all over the world more or less 185,09068 cases were reported, while more are less death cases were 4,001,954 and in all over the world more or less 894,208,04 people have been vaccinated. This number has been mentioned in the recently issued report of WHO in unicef. Due to such a massive disease the fear of loss was much more. But due to vaccination and precautionary steps it has been controlled to the grate extend. For Covit-19 effects badly on the people of old age, on the people with amenity of such people who was suffering from big dangerous disease like patients of dialysis, patient of cancer and patients of aids etc. moreover fear of its extension is more in gatherings, in over crowded places and hospitals, therefore if the virus starts to spread in educational institutions, then it hard to overcome it and it causes high death rate in children. That’s why Pakistan emergency management, Prim minister of Pakistan have banned all educational institutions, gatherings in educational activities with collaboration of all institutions. In many institutions causes have been replaced which completely sealed, some intuitions continued their classes erectly but management kept a keen eye on educational intuitions and closed all the intuitions. The most positive causes of covet-19 in children were mentioned it the city of Lahore Pakistan and their number was recorded more or less 5000. But with the grace of Allah the death rate of children due to Covit-19 remained less. But according to health information if viruses positive in children than it can be spread on large scale. If during the viruses precautionary measures have not been taken then the viruses can surround the whole family and even it can spread in whole area. As all over the world Pakistan has also decided to reopen all the education at intuitions as before. On the first stage higher secondary and intermediate classes will be started after that primary and middle classes will be started but some universities have not still opened. Hope it there that educational intuitions will be at normal sequence very soon. The plan to act upon the SOPies and precautionary measures has been prepared in Pakistan Educational Institution and management of Educational Institutions is instructed to act upon this strictly. All staff take vaccine as soon as it possible. If any of the official or then on official employees does not take vaccine his salary should be banned. Thermal gun will be kept in educational institutions to check the temperature. The employees who have been vaccination will be given extra benefits. Before interring the classes the temperature of students and staff will be checked. Social distance will be observed in class. Before entering the class students will be asked to wash their hands with soap for 20 seconds without. Without mask entering in class will be forbidden. The use of sanitizer in class will be forbidden. In case of any problem help will be taken from Covit-19 helping cell. In case of flue, cold, sneezing and cough tissue paper will be used. The use of mask will be necessary. In case of down health breathing difficulties, some fever near by health center will be consulted. About corona viruses awareness and understanding will be continued in educational intuitions. Educational activities effected by corona virus will be restarted soon Insha Allah. But we all will have to act upon precautionary measures and others also will be convinced about it. Hope is there that an attempt will be made to fulfill the educational and economic loss. Due to Covid-19 students mental abilities have been also affected and many of them faced Psychological problems. May Allah make this corona virus over and life become normal again. Aamin.