Essence of Eid ul Adha


Farooque Panhwar
Festivals are celebrated to express the feelings of love, joy and happiness. People of different vocations celebrate different festivals accordingly. Similarly, Muslims celebrate their festivals with great zest. Eid ul Adha is one the great Islamic event that holds great significance under the doctrine of Islamic system. It is an annual Islamic festival that is celebrated on the 10th of zilhij. Majority of Muslim ummah across the world slaughter animals in the wake to follow the suunah of Hazrat Ibrahim A.s. Four thousands year back, when Allah examined Hazrat Ibrahim A.S to slaughter his only son, Hazrat Ismail A.S and Hazrat Ibrahim was ready to do so but Allah replaced Ismail A.S with a sheep. Since that we, Muslims follow this great Sunnah. However, This Eid is not all about purchasing animals nor to store meat for delicious dishes but an attempt to mitigate the concept of discrimination. It is only bakra Eid on which poor have meat in their meals. Muslim sacrifice animals specifically cow, goat, ram, bull and camel. They distribute meat among the poor and donate the skins of animals to charitable organizations. In this manner, concept of discrimination get suppressed and economy boost up though leather production industries. The purpose of Eid ul Adha goes beyond sacrificing animals. The real essence of this Eid is to be generous for sake of Allah and maintain sound economic system under Islamic principles. At present, Man loves to be wealthy, he doesn’t want to share his single penny with others. Hence, this Eid ignites the flame of Allah’s love in man’s heart to buy best halal animal to sacrifice. Man prefers Allah’s will over his wealth. Moreover, this Eid paves the path towards sound economy. On this great occasion many Muslims gather at Mecca to perform Hajj. Believers of Islam religion come from different countries across the world through travel agencies and in this way traveller agencies make good income. Not only this but also the restaurants, hotels and malls in Saudi Arabia earn handsome budget. A part from it, country like pakistan, in which majority of masses live below the poverty line get benefits from this significant event. For instance, a peasant or Shepard who barely depend upon their cattles also get profit. They sell halal animals on their demand. This shows how this Eid maintain equilibrium and money flows from affluent towards poor. Furthermore, butchers make themselves busy on this auspicious day to develop sound economy for their livelihood. More significantly, this great Islamic festival curb the concept of discrimination and ensure unity in Muslims. On the eve of Hajj all Muslims at Mecca, wear same dress, bald their head and consider themselves only one Muslim ummah. This is beauty of this holy festival that unite Muslims at single platform. Muslims prove their mettle by following the last sermon of Holy prophet SAW in which he said, no one is superior above other and all are equal in the eyes of Allah.Last but not least, this Eid offers the best opportunity to have social gatherings with family, relatives and friends. People arrange BBQ night for their near and dear ones to spend quality time with them. Thus through this Eid, we spread colours of love and peace. In nut shell, it is crystal clear that this great Islamic festival has writ to promote unity in Muslims and maintain the sound decorom of economic system. Happy Eid