B3W and the world order


Shuja Ahmed Awan
In a recent G7 meeting of the countries. Member states, the United states in particular, pledged to build back the better world. A question might come in every individual’s mind : what better world is America talking about? Is that the world where world wars were fought resulting in scores of people dying in days? Or the cold war that America had fought 45 years with the USSR to contain communism in the world? Or is it the ‘war on terror’ or lets call it vague war on terror, which Noam Chomsky in his book ‘Failed states’ termed as “ how can there be a war on terror? When war is itself terror?” America is uniting the world again and making blocks to counter his new and most crucial concern none other than China. Furthermore, B3W aims to counter China’s belt and road initiative (BRI) project in the world. Similarly, like BRI the B3W aims to develop roads and infrastructure and particularly to minimize growing chinese influence in the world. This means this aims to counter China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) as well, as it is one of the routes which holds immense importance for China and Pakistan, that also can be the reason that the US has not talked with Pakistan since the Biden administration is in the oval office. Lastly, The B3W project can lead to a consequential global order in the world. Countries must confine B3W to development and infrastructure only, rather than for any other maligned purposes of America or the G7 nations.