Advent of Monsoon in AJK ;


Altaf Hamid Rao.

Seasonal mullahs flooded as catchment areas lashed with heavy downpour,
MIRPUR (AJK),   (Parliament Times)   : Mirpur and outskirts Monday lashed with cats and dogs rains opening the advent of the monsoon rains that also hit various parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir since last night after the State lashed with torrential rains which played havoc in various areas including Mirpur district causing partial loss to the material – especially in the New City and various adjoining slums in different parts of this district, official sources said.

Mirpur went in the grip of heavy rainfall wee hours Monday breaking the hot spell to a greater extent besides turning various low-lying areas into ponds and seasonal nullahs flooded with the rainy water. The rain was continuing intermittently till filing of the report Monday evening.

The rains partially affected the electricity, roads and telecommunication system in certain areas of the Mirpur division comprising Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimbher districts, according to the reports. There are also reports of uprooting of trees, hoardings and electricity poles at several places in the division and adjoining areas because of the wind storm which lasted for over an hour.

According to details the torrential rains coupled with speedy wind storm, that hit various parts of the city partially affecting the daily life. The low-lying Mirpur-Kotli Highway and other city streets inundated with heavy rainy water that badly disturbed the vehicular traffic.. The rainy water also entered the road-side buildings in thickly populated low lying residential sectors including Sangoat and other areas located close to Mangla lake.

Some incidents of land sliding were also reported in various sectors of The New City in Mirpur, housing the Mangla dam affectees. It caused cracks in several residential buildings in the New City, dwellers said adding, the road traffic was also disturbed because of land sliding in various sectors on the model city.

The laborers engaged in the construction work as well as the kiln owners were also considered to be the most affected community because of the heavy downpour. More rains are expected to continue in the ground as well as the upper reaches of AJK.