Students abroad pursue education at low rate fees: KHM


Rawalpindi,   (Parliament Times ):   Thousands of underprivileged Pakistani students have been sent to more than 200 top international universities around the world to pursue higher professional and technical education in line with modern requirements at the lowest possible cost in addition to scholarships, while millions of Pakistani workers belonging to the poor and middle class families are yielding positive results in respect of reduction in poverty from their country and adding foreign exchange in national exchequer over which the Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly expressed his satisfaction.

These views were expressed by Khalid Nawaz, Chief Executive Officer of Knight Human Management (KHM) Shalan Pakistan GL, an agency that protects the rights and employment of overseas Pakistani workers, while addressing to the participants of a training workshop held here on Sunday at KHM. The training workshop was organized for overseas workers about how they can protect themselves and others from the danger of COVID-19 threats at their work places.

Khalid Nawaz said that the Pakistani youth would have more than double the opportunities for overseas employment and higher education around the world, including Europe and the Gulf countries in the days to come. Khalid Nawaz told that KHM Pakistan Shalan has signed agreements with 200 top world universities where thousands of Pakistani students are studying quality education at low cost apart from scholarships.

“Similarly, in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment from the country, we have provided reasonable and dignified employment opportunities to the members of lower middle and middle class families in Dubai and other countries so that the growing poverty and unemployment from our dear homeland can be eradicated”, he added.  He said that more and more opportunities of higher education and overseas employment in the coming months and years will go a long way in fulfilling the Prime Minister’s vision to eradicate poverty, ignorance and unemployment from the country. He mentioned that in addition, KHM has sent hundreds of poor students to Europe and other countries for free education on scholarship and we are constantly striving to find more and more opportunities of education and employment for our youth in abroad. “KHM’s training company has imparted corporate training to more than 1000 students in 2 years including tax audit, accounts and company rules so that they can get reasonable employment as per the requirement of job market and self-employed people can face the legal fears and dangers that come with their business”, he added.

Khalid Nawaz further mentioned that access to justice for the middle class and lower middle class has become very difficult in our system due to high fees of lawyers and in this regard, we have set up a free legal consultation and assistance called “KHM Law Associates” so that the underprivileged can come out of fear and seek justice from the courts.