Anti-Kashmir policy is propaganda of opposition: Sardar Saud



Hajira, (Special Representative): Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) nominee Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate has said that PPP cadres will inflict a humiliating defeat on those who have anti-Kashmir policy. The Kashmiri nation rejects the Muslim League’s double standards in politics and the PTI’s utopia. The federal government has made it impossible for the poor people to live by inflicting inflation on the poor people. The people of Azad Kashmir will be the basis for the establishment of a society free from their ballot papers. The people will never forget the five-year performance of the PPP. In which educational institutions and employment facilities were provided to the youth of Azad Kashmir. He said that the people of my constituency have paid homage to former Speaker Sardar Ghulam Sadiq Khan for his hard work, development and humility. I am proud and courageous because of him. The interest groups and the forces pursuing anti-Kashmir policies will be defeated. These views were expressed by PPP nominee Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate while addressing corner meetings at Akram Abad, Pahgwani, Gadala, Tarda Mora, Bhantani, Hajira Ziarat Muhalla. He said that by resigning from PML-N, Muslim Conference and other parties in my election, joining PPP and trust in Chairman Bilawal Bhutto is the guarantee of success. On this occasion, dozens of people including Muhammad Afsar Awan, Haji Khalil Awan, Azam Awan, Muhammad Sharif Awan, Naseer Awan, Basit Karim, Sehran Aziz from PML-N and Muslim Conference resigned along with their colleagues and families and joined PPP.