The writer of this book is;

Firdous Qadir

” Nawal El Saadawi” she is the most recognisable women in Egyptian and Middle Eastern .she has also written books on feminism ,poignant nd penetrating. Inculding this book ,which is completely based on a women named Firdaus ,The heroine of “Woman at Point Zero ” .It does not matter if the story is true or made up ,or a bit of both .what matters is that it unfolds a universal tragedy ,even.without the epic of heroes .hence ,The story beings that psychiatrist has wanted to meet firdaus for weeks but The prisoner mean,Firdaus has consistently refused to meet her and Firdaus was punished by deathpenality because she is a murder ,Then on her last day on this earth she decides to meet her and tell her all life history.Firdaus stared sharing her story slowly slowly .Firdaus recounts a lifetime of betrayal and abuse.she is an orphan who was passed form one abusive guardian to another ,and her life history shows how trust is tested finally erodes,leaving behind only fear and alienation .such a person lives by instinct ,without calculation beyond the immediate need to survive the moment .Firdaus life history discovered the life of woman as a Prostitute ,as a respectable woman nd as a wife.Her life history shows many faces of men, her father ,her uncle Marzouk and bayoumi,Diaa Ibhrahim and tearing them all into pieces one after the other.ensuring that not a single vestige of these men would remain at all.She was a killer but she has not committed any crime ,just she has killed only criminals.she speaks the truth and that truth is savage and dangerous .they condemened her to death not because she has killed a man _ there are thousand of people are being killed every day _but because they are afraid to let her to live .they know that as long as she is alive they will not be safe ,that she might kill them .Her life means their death nd Their death means her life .For what they call her crime was no crime. At last her time got finished and she was taken .

This is a story that reaches everyone regardless of their gender ,nationality or station in life .

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