PML-N continuously losing prominent wickets in AJK


Hajira (Special Representative):  Shock to PML-N: Government Advisor Zia Sardar Advocate’s brother announces support for independent candidate Kamran Gorsi. We will unite and serve the people of the constituency. It is our duty to fulfill the mission of Zia Sardar and Bashir Gorsi. Let no one be misunderstood. In five years, the people will feel the real change in the constituency. These views were expressed by Adnan Sardar, brother of late Zia Sardar Advocate, along with Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi while addressing a crowded press conference. Speaking on the occasion, Adnan Sardar said that Zia Sardar Advocate was the name of a vision. He had dedicated his life to the people. After his death, his followers were disappointed but in the case of Muhammad Bashir Gorsi I found a Messiah to the people who came to Constituency 2 for the spirit of public service and made a new history by solving public problems without allocation.

Adnan Sardar said that it was time to support Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi to fulfill the vision of Zia Sardar and Bashir Gorsi. Today, I announce my support for Kamran Bashir Gorsi with my entire convoy. Addressing a press conference on the occasion, Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi said that his father late Muhammad Bashir Gorsi and Zia Sardar Advocate were in the same boat in public service. Their mission was to serve the people. Both fell asleep forever. Now it is our duty to serve the people together for the fulfillment of their mission. He thanked Adnan Sardar and his associates for announcing their support and said the people will be victorious on July 25 and July 25. By stamping the election symbol on the tree, the people will prove that the people of the constituency are united in fulfilling the vision of Zia Sardar Advocate and Muhammad Bashir Gorsi.