JKPNA-Sponsored Round table Conference resolves to resist, frustrate every global sinister move of division of globally-acknowledged disputed Jammu & Kashmir State;


Altaf Hamid Rao.

Calls for early settlement of Kashmir issue only according to the aspirations of the J & K population,

MIRPUR (AJK),     (Parliament Times)  : Day-long Round-Table Conference on current Kashmir situation here on Saturday categorically and unequivocally declared to strongly resist and frustrate every international move towards the division of the globally-acknowledged disputed erstwhile State of Jammu & Kashmir under the bogey of the ‘’settlement of Kashmir issue”.

“Jammu & Kashmir State is an inalienable entity and no power on earth would be allowed to resort to any harm to the entity and identity of the centuries -old Himalayan State of Jammu & Kashmir and its cultural heritage”, speakers said while addressing the conference hosted by Jammu Kashmir Peoples National (JKPNA) with the party’s Supremo Zulfiqar Ahmed Raja Advocate in the chair, reports our Special AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao from Mirpur.

Key speakers included the chief guest Latif Afreedi President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, former chief justice of Azad Jammu Kashmir Justice (Retd) Muhammad Azam Khan, former chief justice of Lahore High Court Justice (Retd) Ejaz Chaudhry, former Chief Justice of AJK High Court Justice (Retd) Abdul Majeed Mallick, Secretary General Communist Party of Pakistan, Imdad Qazi, President Supreme Court Bar Association of AJK Farooq Minhas Advocate, President AJK High Court Bar Association Baber Ali Khan Advocate, President PPP (Shaheed Bhutto) and others..

The conference attended by intellectual class representing diverse segments of the civil society of Azad Jammu Kashmir discussed and review historical Karachi Agreement, AJK interim constitution – Act-1974, forced Delhi-sponsored sinister act of August 05, 2019 revoking special status of the disputed Jammu Kashmir State and human rights situation in the Indian illegally occupied internationally-acknowledged disputed Jammu and Kashmir State.

The participants inclue retired judges, seasoned jurists, rights activists, senior journalists and politicians from various parts of the Jammu & Kashmir State.

Unveiling the joint declaration issued at the concluding session of the conference Saturday night the congregation termed it, what it declared, “the declaration of patriotic political forces of Jammu Kashmir – contemporaty scenario and core principles of the struggle for national emancipation”.

Following is the complete text of the declaration released to the media at the concluding session of the conference:-

“Today, the people of Jammu-Kashmir are faced with a dangerous assault on our identity and on the political personality of erstwhile Jammu Kashmir State as registered with the United Nations. The assault aims at legitimizing fragmentation of the State ; disempowering its people from whatsoever is left of their authority to govern; and promote integration of the fragmented regions with India and Pakistan. The measures already underway, contravene UN Charter and bilateral obligations to which the competing powers are committed. These aim at serving a body blow to our people’s right to preside over their own destiny. We the representatives of patriotic forces in the State do hereby resolve to oppose all such moves at all levels.

Of the current scenario, we find that fragmentation and disempowerment process is now backed up in full swing by the inroads made by extra regional political parties as they tend to de-ideologized our political arena and thus promote ‘karobari politics’ and ‘bradari-driven’ approaches that run counter to the primary agenda of our national emancipation. The challenge turns into an existential threat for our people in the wake of demographic reengineering, whether applied or threatened, and takeover of our natural resources and decision – making authority .

In our appraisal of the situation, India’s action of Augustc5TH 2019 and its subsequent steps ought to be viewed as an assault on Kashmiri identity and personality of J&K State as registered with international legitimacy. Fragmentation of J&K into two Union Territories and abolition of State Subject Rule unfold an unacceptable fundamental change in the standing of the disputed State The measures aimed at serving a body blow to Kashmir case , right to self-determination in particular.

In the same logic, we are seriously concerned about efforts to legitimize fragmentation of J&K on Pakistan side of control. Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK are inseparable part of the erstwhile State of J&K and therefore cannot be made provinces of Pakistan ,wheather provisional or otherwise. More so, the deferment of State Subj Rule in GB or any attempt to do so in AjK will be contrary to international law and UN resolutions. Urgent corrective measure will be neede in this regard.

In immedidate terms, governments of India and Pakistan will have to take steps to improve the climate viz. J&K and take steps to raise confidence with Kashmiri people. In this context, we demand the following:

a) Restoration of J&K as State ,instead of Union Territories , in keeping with safeguards for its disputed nature

b) de-provincialisation of Gb in keeping with its standing as part of J&K State

c) Restoration of State Subject rule in Indian administered Kashmir and in GB.

d)scrapping of provisions in AJK Act 1974 regarding allegiace to the ideology of acession as these run counter to the Kasmiri peple’s right to self determination

e) Restore unity of J&K on Pakistan side of Kashmir by forming a joint constiuent Assembly and a government

In keeping with evolving Kashmir scenario across the divides , our people’s drive for national emancipation in its current phase , calls for a greater internal cohesion and a social contract among ourselves as the principal party in the triangle of dispute that has overwhelmed our lives over seven decades now. It is high time for us to make an unequivocal affirmation of core principals of our struggle that are consensus-based , and transcend geographic , ethnic, religious and political divides.

It is resolved that a reaffirmation of core principals of Kashmiri people’s struggle in the first place, upholds essentials of our own existence as a people and a ‘unity-in-diversity’ ; and rejects move that seek fragmentation of the State and integration of any of its regions with either of the competing power . Last but not the least , the reaffirmation serves as antidote for any notion of fatigue in the way of a forward move .

In consideration of the above premise , we the sons and daughters of J&K reaffirm our commitment to the following core principals in our struggle for national emancipation :

– 1.Unity of the State as it existed on 14/15 Aug 1947,

– 2. Disputed nature of the State as a whole as it relates to human destiny ,and certainly not a territorial dispute between two competing powers

– 3. Primacy of citizens of the State in the triangle of dispute , and their right to preside over their destiny.

– 4. Option to carry a peaceful and popular struggle in a forward move towards national emancipation , hoping that the other stakeholders will initiate steps towards demilitarization of the State .

-5.Right of the citizens of the State , irrespective of regions, ethnicity and faith to freely travel within the State and hold intra Kashmir dialogue”, the declaration concluded.