PPP keeps transparent manifesto based on people’s well-being: Saud



Hajira, (Special Representative):  Pakistan Peoples Party nominee Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate has said that parties and disguised people cannot win the hearts of the people by betraying their ideology. The people of Hajira Trarakhal will not allow political orbits to be further exploited. He has ruled this constituency for years. He has done injustice to the people of the constituency in the last two and a half years. His past is before the people. People are asking today what progress he has made in this constituency by the PML-N and PTI candidates Where and how crores of rupees have been spent. The people are aware that they will take revenge for the injustice and injustice done to them with their ballot papers. These views were expressed by Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate while addressing various polling stations of Union Council Sirari Kathiara, including Dari Kot. He said that public opinion is respected in a democracy. Change in the society and bright future. PPP will continue its struggle for PML-N and PTI on July 25 He appealed to the people of the constituency to decide on merit. Sardar Saud Sadiq said that PPP has a comprehensive program for the welfare of the people. Those who put it in the cold storage will also be held accountable. I will never forget the hospitality, love and affection received from the people during the election campaign. Inshallah, the victory of the PPP is certain. Abdul Qadir, Diafat Sabir, Amir Yaseen, Sardar Dilshad, Nazakat Khan, Sardar Nasir, Amjad Ali Khan, Muhammad Qadeer Qayyum resigned from the Muslim League and joined the Pakistan Peoples Party. Azad Advocate, Sardar Mustafa Advocate, Ziaullah Afaqi Advocate, Saqib Khurshid laid wreaths and congratulated.