Grievances of transgender


Mujeeb Ali Samo
People disrespect the transgender community because of their unique appearance. They are disowned by the society as disgraced community.. They are mistreated and abused by the people at every place. Their presence is always mocked by the people. It is presumed as curse if anyone has baby as transgender. It will earn a bad name to the family if their is a birth of such child in the family and the society will not accept as blessed child. Some parents even kill such child at earlier stage and if in other case the other case if the child survives then the parents don’t accept him to look after in his life. The parents either leave them at the mercy of Allah or leave to them to stay at the hands of welfare organization. This type of attitude is not tolerable in civilized nations because civilized people always treat the unique people with respect and grant equal privilege as the ordinary people have got. It is unfortunate to say that the transgender people are not even provided with basic rights like education, healthcare, life security and the social standing status as good citizens who are also part of the society. They do not get opportunities to contribute for the betterment of the society. Indeed it is seen that these people are helpless and live like step-child who are orphans even though their parents are alive. In such apoor circumstances the transgender community is always forced to work as beggars who are seen everyday on the streets, roads, traffic signals and at hotels. Some even manage to dance in parties dressed like a girl and pleased the people to be entertained and they earn the money. Among these transgenders some even sell their body and are found at the rooms of the hotel. This is utterly not acceptable that these people are maltreated and condemned to engage themselves in natural acts. This appearance is not granted to them by their own wish but they are the creation of Allah. So it is urged to the government that they must establish educational institutions and vocational centers for these transgender people where these people are given equal opportunities to live life like ordinary people. They must be given healthcare facilities and employment so that they can also avail themselves of the standard life. They are also people like us who have some heart and feel the pain. if they are condemned because of their biological change then it is not acceptable. They have also faith in Allah and believe in the religion Islam. If these people are due respected and given chance to contribute as good citizens then they can also render service for the uplift of the economy as the other people are doing and serving for the prosperity of the country.