Dua Zubair remains firm politician in constituency LA-19 Poonch


POONCH,   (Parliament Times) : Constituency LA 19 Poonch 2 PTI’s senior Dua Zubair has announced to contest free elections. According to her supporters, the system cannot change unless we break away from these old political mafias and bring good people to the fore. Therefore, conscious and capable people support Dua Zubair because the system will change from us when we are changed. This is the real victory. Dua Zubair took this movement to the whole state by fighting free elections. Imran Khan has succeeded after 23 years of struggle against the corrupt mafia and we have also taught him that if I do wrong, then stand in front of me. Following the teachings, he has proved that we are only working on cap and name change by distributing tickets in Azad Kashmir unfairly and by giving tickets to a person who joined PTI a few months before N-Leak. Corrupt mafia considers PTI as a washing machine in which they join and sign to resume their corruption and wrong policies due to which Dua Zubair has given the flag and manifesto of her movement on which the people of the area express happiness. At the moment, Dua Zubair is seen as the strongest person in LA-19 Poonch-2 constituency.