For serving selflessly need people’s enthusiasm and support: Kamran Gorsi


Assembly candidate Kamran Bashir Gorsi pays a stormy visit to Union Council Phagwati,

HAJIRA,   (Parliament Times) : Large corner meetings in Upper Charon and, wonderful reception, assurance of full cooperation in the election by the public. Meanwhile, Haji Wilayat, Abdul Wajid, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Mumtaz, Muhammad Shafiq, Abdul Hafeez and others addressed the corner meetings. And, Ibrahim Awan, Sardar Jahangir Awan, Col. Latif, Chaudhry Muhammad Hussain, Farooq Awan, Gul Nisar Awan, Chaudhry Man Gujjar, Khurram Chauhan, Chaudhry Akbar, Chaudhry Amjad, Sadia Talib, Raja Jamil, Usman Nawaz, Malik Nawaz and others addressed the gathering. Earlier, Assembly candidate Kamran Gorsi was given a warm welcome on his arrival at Aronta and Charon. Strong slogans were chanted. Addressing the rally, Kamran Bashir Gorsi said that I would like to thank the brothers, sisters and elders of the people of Aronta and Kerry Charron for their unconditional love.

The people of Aronta and Charon will remember for centuries as much as they were welcomed today. I have entered the field to fulfill my father’s unfinished mission. It is possible to fulfill my father’s mission with public support. With public cooperation, the people will win on July 25. My father’s mission was to serve the people. Victory and defeat do not mean anything to me either. Public service where the Lord is pleased gives me peace of mind. The secrets of the constituency have been removed in the next five years. I will solve all the problems.