Banarsi thugs robbed people’s rights with ballot papers: Sardar Tanveer




Bagh (Bureau Report) :  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Azad Kashmir Election Campaign Deputy Chairman and Central Constituency candidate Sardar Tanveer Ilyas Khan has said that people of Azad Kashmir should avoid Banarasi thugs. Those who do not even leave the rent of wagons in the pockets of the people will fight for the rights of the people. Defeat those who have robbed the people of their rights with a ballot paper. Let the people give full victory to the PTI candidates so that Azad Kashmir can be made a prosperous region. PTI will form a government in Azad Kashmir with a two-thirds majority. PTI will transfer power to a lower level by holding immediate local body elections in Azad Kashmir so that local issues can be solved at the local level only. By holding local body elections, the institutions will be strengthened and empowered. Sardar Tanveer Ilyas has said that he has come to the fore with the vision of making Azad Kashmir a model state, eradicating unemployment, corruption, looting, nepotism and the supremacy of merit, our mission is to solve the problems of the people at their doorstep. Yes, I do not believe in air announcements and false promises. The people of the Central Constituency will walk in their respective areas till July 25. I will protect their rights for five years. The era of communalism and propaganda politics is over. Now the people are conscious and literate. The people of Azad Kashmir will now make the PTI successful by voting for development and merit. He said that we are not green garden demonstrators but we will do what the people need in the field. He said that PTI is the name of a struggle. Inside Pakistan, we have tightened the noose against the corrupt mafia. For the first time in the history of the country, a law for the rich and the poor and a practical proof of a state, he said that it is necessary to strengthen the state to strengthen the institutions by weakening the institutions here by politicians. Achieving our goals, we will strengthen institutions and lay the foundation for a strong state. He expressed these views while addressing his election rally at Red Bin as the chief guest. The rally was presided over by Sardar Tahir Iqbal while Sardar Ashiq Khan, Prof. Sardar Aftab Khan, Sardar Qadeer Advocate, Sardar Fida, Aslam Saduzai, Masal Younis, Raja Abdul Hafeez, Sardar Tawfiq, Chaudhry Taarif Advocate, Masood Alam, Liaqat Baig, Qudratullah, Shoaib Baig, Rafaqat Gilani, Hamad Aftab, Babar Roshan, Hamid Maqsood, Inayatullah, Amanullah, Ikram Farid, Maulana Muhammad Yusuf and others addressed. Sardar Ashiq Khan, Prof. Aftab, Masood Alam, Sardar Siddique, Sardar Fida Hussain, Sardar Nazir, Sardar Shafiq, Sardar Muzaffar Khan, Sardar Ikram, Sardar Rashid Khan, Kamran Pervez, Sardar Masood Khan, Sardar Zahoor Khan and others in Red Bin as well as more than a hundred families participated. Meanwhile, apart from Sardar Ibrahim Advocate, dozens of people including families participated in Sadhan Gali. Sardar Abdul Qadir Advocate, Sardar Fayyaz, Gohar Ayub, Sardar Waqar, Sardar Muzammil, Sardar Anis Raja Qamar-ul-Zaman and others also addressed on the occasion.